Joy + Dissent : A Gathering of Providence’s Feminists & Witches
January 23rd, 2019
Doors at 9pm, show start at 9:30pm

Performers include Mays Albaik, Muggs Fogarty, Grace Goodrich, Joyce Kutty, and Theadora Walsh with emcee Annaka Olsen. 

This evening we will gather together to mingle and meet to hear a variety of poetry, song, film and soapboxing of strong feminist voices within our community. Throughout history, feminist assemblings have been viewed as a threat and dissent of the “status quo.” This status quo continues to oppress us all.

Moving forward as a society, collaborative models and feminist practices MUST be woven into our community structures. We must care and look after one another. To begin to achieve these goals we will come together as a community to celebrate our vast identities and creative expressions. Passionate, emotional and transformative collective joy in our community can create radical dissent that can begin to dismantle the matrix of oppression.

Nothing is more powerful and needed right now than joy & dissent.